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Why Learning Self-Defence Is Important Especially In the Now?

Lawbreakers and offenders are present everywhere and are just waiting for their next victim to violate, kidnap, rob or murder. Most of the time these people are armed and are ready to execute their scheme as soon as they see an opportunity. And most individuals like us, have constant fear of being attacked helplessly as we walk the streets. Even the safety of our homes isn’t 100% criminal-proof.

Not all of us have the means or is allowed to carry weapons for protection as it is usually prohibited by law in some states and countries. And in places where there is a lax in gun control, carrying a lethal weapon sometimes, can become morally questionable.

So learning the art of self-defence is probably the safest and most acceptable way to protect ourselves from lawlessness. Mastering the basics of self-defense may not be easy, but it has now become an important skill to acquire because at any given time, we may be a possible victim of a crime.

Feel confident to confront an assailant

At some point, we may have experienced being exposed in some perils like a robbery or shooting incident while walking in the street, commuting, and in other public places. And since we do not have the skill, confidence and courage to defend ourselves and others, in effect, we become a helpless victim or spectator.

In the course of surprise attack, we are usually stunned and somehow lost the will to repel the act, allowing our assailants to take advantage of the situation and completely perpetuate their scheme. Thereafter, they may easily get away from the crime scene and stay at large.

However, when we have a good grasp of self-defence, we won’t panic right away, which then will help us make crucial decision and take the appropriate action in a snap of time. Self-defence also involves learning some of the basic moves of martial arts (like karate, taekwondo, boxing or jiu jitsu) and it can help us to at least be ready to defend and confront criminals. The training we get from learning self-defence can prepare us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Improves self-control

Learning martial arts isn’t just about progressing in mastering the moves, it also involves character development especially self-control. Discipline is very important in learning self-defense because without it, we cannot fully learn and develop our skill. Also, the right mindset and motivation is required so as not to be tempted to inflict unnecessary harm to others.

Heightened awareness of our surrounding

Self-defense classes’ train and teach us about how to be more aware of our surrounding too. Knowing how to assess a situation and be aware of everything happening around us, allow us to maintain our presence of mind and avoid possible lapses in emergency situations.

It helps us to be fit and healthy

Taking up self-defense lessons is also a good form of physical activity. It helps develop and enhance our physical strength and agility which can be helpful in fight and flight situations. It will also make us more responsive and alert so we can deal with violence more appropriately, despite dangerous conditions.