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What Is Common Sense?

Everyone wants to know what common sense is, so they can pass it along to others, right?  Isn’t it so annoying to be around someone which acts as though they do not have basic, common sense?  God, it’s the worst thing in the world, am I right, or right?  What really signifies when someone has common sense and is it possible to be taught common sense?  There are some people which believe that a person can either be born with or without common sense, which does sound a bit funny, doesn’t it?  Common sense can be defined by many different thing and circumstances in life and today; we are going to be taking a quick look into what makes common sense in people.

The Basics

What is common sense?  How is it measured and defined?  If you ask a set of one hundred people that very same question, then you will probably discover one hundred different answers, to be completely honest.  Common sense runs in so many different topics, and categories in life and each person that you meet will show different signs and symbols of common sense throughout life.  Personally, to me, common sense means that a person implements good sense and great judgment in all practical matters.

A Few Examples

I would like to share a few examples of what I’m talking about when it comes to administrating good, common sense.

  • Let’s say that your legs are hurting, and you have been up with them literally all night.  It would only make “sense” that you go to the doctor or emergency room to see what you can get done.
  • Let’s say that you know you have a pop-up quiz in Science in two days and your teacher has given you a study guide.  Would it be a great idea to wait to the last minute to study or begin studying now, two days before the quiz?  It would only make common sense that you begin studying now, two days ahead so that you make sure you know the material from front and back. 
  • All right, now let’s say that you are dating someone that you really care about and he or she wants to control every little thing that you do or even want to do.  Common sense would tell you that you need to get out of that relationship and go find someone else. 
  • Another example of implementing great common sense would be if you are getting ready to take your driver’s test at your local courthouse and you walk outside to get into your car for your test.  Wouldn’t it make perfect, common sense to put your seatbelt on, although you’re not going to be driving that far?  You do want to pass your driver’s test, now don’t you?
  • Another great example of implementing good common sense in life would be this example right here.  Okay, let’s say that you are in school and you drop your pencil.  Shouldn’t you pick it up right before your instructor walks down the aisle and trips over the pencil?  Common sense is totally up to you and how you use your common skills within your mentality.