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These Common Phrases Are Awful and Inaccurate

People have a habit of saying common phrases that don’t sound heavy but have a strong, negative impact on one’s feelings. They’re not only inaccurate but often said without genuine good intention. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to believe these statements. Here are some of them:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

No, not exactly. A person is not an indispensable source of energy and strength. Everyone has their own limits and capacities. Thinking you can do whatever you set your mind to do can get you in trouble. Instead of thinking that saying “No” or giving up on something that’s clearly not working out, like a job, a project, or a relationship makes you a weak person, learn to end everything that exceeds your capacities. People use this phrase to criticise others for not wanting to put their time and energy into things that aren’t a priority for them. You don’t have to devote to finishing absolutely everything, only those things you find worthy of your time and energy.

You’ll be Fine

There are words that people use to dismiss other person’s concerns when they can’t provide a genuine word of encouragement. It’s up to you to acknowledge that things aren’t always fine, whether you’ve got in trouble at work, or struggling with family issues. Instead of trying to suppress your own feelings of frustration, accept the possibility that you are currently in a not-so-fine situation, and you don’t have to force yourself to be better if it’s currently not possible. By forcing yourself to stay positive at all times, you’re not allowing yourself to work through a tough situation and cope with it. Exchange this race for something that paints a better picture of your mood, like ” I’m struggling” or “I’m pushing through”, and you’ll be encouraging yourself to surpass crisis.

It’s Easy For You…

It’s not only rude and harsh but genuinely ill-intentioned to take someone’s success credits away just because they had some help or more favorable circumstances compared to you. The same goes for when you’re being told this phrase. Whether it’s business success, coping with grief, or managing day-to-day hassle, people tend to discredit other people’s hardships based on the slightest advantages. If you have grandparents available to watch children, slightly more money (though you work hard for it), better health or looks, it’s still not a reason for anyone to question your struggles or sorrows.