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These Chic Interior Trends Are Impossible To Maintain

If you live in an average home and don’t have an entire help crew from “Downton Abbey” at your disposal, you should probably be careful about how you’ll decorate. Some trendy elements are quite demanding when it comes to cleaning and dusting, and could become quite a nuisance after a while. Moreover, some materials and structures unavoidably wear out after a short time, which leaves you with a distressed look you may not like. Here are the trends to avoid if you want to have a polished home without much hustle:

1. White Paradise

White sofas, chairs, and rugs are impossible to keep stainless. Unless they’re made from special fabrics, they’ll show stains from anything, from body lotion to deodorant residue. You don’t have to spill food and drinks on them in order to notice annoying, unexplainable stains. What further complicates the maintenance of white furniture is that cleaning itself leaves stains. If you like light neutrals, go for earth colors and pastels. They show a lot less staining and make an equally harmonious living environment.

2. DIY Art

It’s great to display your own art or get someone else’s as a present. But, hot-glue-gun and spray-paint crafted decor are quite hard to clean. It doesn’t take cleaners very well and collects a lot of dust if not polished. If you want to display DIY projects in your home, do some sort of proofing. Spray them with a protective lacquer, or place them inside a cupboard. This way, they’ll be more resilient to cleaning, dust and moist. You won’t have to choose between keeping a dirty-looking item in your home and throwing a precious gift away.

3. Cheap Moldings

Moldings make a home look very luxurious, but are a genuine pain to clean of not made from wood or plastic. Plaster and styrofoam moldings are extremely cheap but don’t take anything else than a light dusting. Over time, they’ll collect more dust then you’re able to spot-clean. Without the possibility to vacuum or wipe with a wet cloth, they’ll look dirty and neglected. If you can’t afford quality moldings, better avoid them completely.

4. Classy Chandeliers

How often you want to climb the latter and polish a giant, glass chandelier? Chances are no more than once every season. This might be enough if you live in a large home, but if you need to maintain a small space, you’ll better off with a small, minimalist chandelier. If you don’t put enough work in polishing fancy lights, they’ll quickly start to look old and shabby.