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The Influence of Rock Music

Rock music is a way to highly express oneself through art the music of artistic expression!  It can be oh so fun attending live concerts where Rock music is at its loudest, absolutely!  The influence of Rock music throughout the years have changed America and its people for the better.  Then again, there are some people who believe that all forms of Rock music are the devil’s music and should be avoided with all possibilities.  In my personal opinion, I think that Rock music gives us wings to soar on all forms of creativity, as I personally adore Rock music of all levels and beats.  There can be many different forms of influence when it comes to listening to Rock music.  Society has labeled listening to Rock music as something that only a young person with no values will do, but is that the appropriate way to think and consider?  In my opinion, Rock music is so fun and energetic to listen to, making a person want to get up and live, really live life, you know?  It can be so fun to dance to, going out on the town and meeting new, as well exciting people from all over!  Rock music brings us all together under one light of creativity and acceptance.  That’s what I personally love about what Rock music brings to people and society.  Today, we are going to be discussing the influence of Rock music.

Young and Impressionable Kids

Many older people would state that Rock music is of a bad influence and of the devil because it doesn’t talk about God and the love that he has for the world, but there can be some pretty fun and innocent songs in Rock music, and it’s not only for the young and impressionable kids of society, although many older people think so.  Rock music makes us think about life, really think you know?  What the meaning of life truly is, making us all question what we have been taught to believe and so on.  You know the drill here.  Whenever a song makes us feel good, we tend to want to listen to it more and more, am I right here?  I think so!  Keep in mind that you don’t have to be so young and impressionable to fall under the spell of great Rock music.  A person in their thirties and forties can highly enjoy rock music.  It just depends on the person, really. 

Final Thoughts

As I have mentioned prior, I personally adore all forms of Rock music because it makes me feel good and that’s what we all must remember here.  If something in life makes us feel great inside and doesn’t cause harm to others, then why not indulge in it, right?  That concept may sound a bit on the immature side to a lot of people, but here is how I look at it.  We only get one life to live, right?  Okay, so why not live it up and have a great time doing so, right?