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Mothman Prophecies (2002) — One Of The Best Horror Films?

The film The Mothman Prophecies was made in 2002. It follows John Klein (Richard Gere), who leaves the job of a journalist in Washington to investigate the apparitions of an airborne creature in a small town in West Virginia.

The film is allegedly based on real events that occurred in Point Pleasant (West Virginia), in the period from November 1966 to December 1967. Loren Coleman, the founder and leader of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, worked as a consultant during the production of the film. According to Coleman the movie, which is based on the eponymous book published in 1975 by author John Keel, is the fictionalized story of real events. 

The Exorcist (1973) — Best Horror Films

 The Exorcist has not only been inspired by an existing story but heavily influenced many horror stories that followed. In the lawsuits that followed the great success of the film, it was found that the publisher, Prentice Hall, was actively looking for stories that would rely on the popularity of The Exorcist. The judge even reprimanded the creators of the film The Amityville Horror for writing fiction and trying to copy The Exorcist.

The Amityville Horror (1979) — Best Horror Films

The move The Amityville Horror was made in 1979. It revolves around the Lutz family and the strange events which they allegedly witnessed after they moved into their house in New York. The entire family that lived in it before them was brutally murdered. The film is based on the eponymous book published by Prentice-Hall in 1977 . The book in several places contains descriptions of several successful horror scenes, including the already mentioned The Exorcist. However, since it is on its cover was written that it was a  true story, the book found on the shelves of true crime in bookstores around the world. But is it really a true story? It is true that the film contains some fiction. Exaggeration and artistic freedom, said Dan Nolte, the author’s website amityvillefaq.com. But there are truthful elements, as well.

Jaws (1975) — Best Horror Films

The film Jaws from 1975 was based on the eponymous novel by author Peter Benchley. The film’s lead role casted Roy Scheider as Brody, the police chief on a small island that he went hunting for a killer great white shark. It is often mentioned that the story itself was inspired by the real shark attacks on the shores of New Jersey in 1916. There are certain similarities between the attacks of 1916 in New Jersey and those in Jaws, says Jake Gove, founder and creator of the community of fans, jawsmovie.com. The attacks of 1916,took place during the summer tourist season, continued Gove. After the first attack, officials initially denied any danger. Sharks were hunted. But the similarities end there.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) The famous (and now sadly deceased) film critic Roger Ebert called the film  The Exorcism of Emily Rose “intriguing, confusing achievement”. The film was made in 2005 following the trial of father Richard Moore. The priest was played by the actor Tom Wilkinson, who is charged with second-degree murder of a young woman, Emily Rose. The girl reportedly died as a consequence of a failed exorcism. Judging by the statements of the author, Brian Dunning, certain parts of the film are by no means fiction. The story is based on a case from 1976, and it is a German girl, Anneliese Michel. She died of dehydration and starvation after months of intense exorcism performed by two Catholic priests.